Considerations in making a basement


For many people, space in the home may be an issue. More often than not, basements are generally unfinished. Instead of looking at it as an additional cost, people should look at it as a customizable expansion to their home with limitless potential. With a bit of planning and help, the once damp and drab space can be transformed into an additional bedroom, an elegant entertaining space, a band rehearsal space, or even that man cave (ladies lounge) that you’ve always been wanting.

The primary thing that needs to be addressed is the flooring and wall situation. Before any drywall and flooring goes down, measures need to be taken to ensure that the space is energy efficient and properly insulated. Once those are done, the battle doesn’t end there. A company can bring the latest in painting technology and provide you with paints that can help absorb the chill. Many new latex paints in particular can help dampen the cutting ability of extreme heat and cold and trap the prevailing temperatures in the home.

In addition to just heat, many can create and additional permeable barrier that allows for the circulation of air while blocking exterior moisture from breaching the walls of your home.

If you decide to go with the entertaining space or the man cave, chances are, food and drink will be a part of the conversation. Instead of going with a finished floor or carpeting and risking the agony of spills and messes, you could opt instead for the finished concrete flooring with specialty paint coatings. Concrete paint has come a long way in recent years and can now provide a slick sheen like those found on basketball courts while still providing an easily cleaned surface with very little upkeep.

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