How to choose a suitable water pump for your housing needs


sumppumpTo meet the daily needs of water in a house, we usually require a minimum of 1 piece water pumps to distribute water from the source to the whole water points (the water sources can be either wells or reservoirs). To facilitate the consumption of water, we usually build a water tower at a certain height. In this condition, we will suck water from underground level with a pump, storing the water in the water tower. The next step is to utilize the force of gravity to make the water flow through the pipe without requiring the pump again. The step is may be running good on a ground floor but for the needs of the water on the second floor, the force of gravity might be not strong enough to drain water profusely.

In this case, you may need additional pumps, distributing the water from a water tower to the water points that require a certain water pressure as water heater or modern washing machine. This additional pump is usually referred to as a sump pump. Currently there are a wide variety of household pumps that circulate in the market, containing of various brands and types, coming from Europe, Japan, Korea, China or local manufactures with a variety of uses. In this article, there are two suggestions that need to be done before buying a water pump.

Water depth
Measure the depth of water from the ground where the pump will be installed. You can bury pipe down to 30 meters even though the surface of the water has a depth of only 3 meters. Consider the possibility of a decrease in the water level in the dry season; you can add the depth of about 2 meters.

Pump types
For a depth of less than 7 meters, choose a shallow well pump, while for a depth of 7 meters to 9 meters, you should use the shallow well pump with spring-type jet pump. If the depth of the water surface exceeds 9 meters, then you should use a sump pump. By using this type of water pump, the well must have an enough diameter allowing the jet pipe can be inserted into the well. This type of pump has two holes at its inlet section. Sump pump has a strong sucking power, capable of sucking water from 30 meters even 40 meters below the ground. The sump pump has got its popularity since more than 10 years ago regarding huge growing of residences.

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